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"Yes, it is true the sith out rank the rest of the empire. But think deeply now, young one. If powerful moffs, and dark lords, had to chose between a lowly apprentice and the Shadow of Intelligence, who do you think they would pick? Reject my offer if you wish, but it shall be your doom.

As to you Zero, i wish you to keep an eye on this one for me. While i am offering my services i have other duties to attend. Anything you see that could possibly jeoperdise our relationship with the hutts must be stopped. At any cost." Zaras looked at sabrina, as if to say that her life is expendable
"Am i understood, agent?"
Sabrina lookd back at her as to say try it, sabrina had felt that the agent was force sentive. Though she was weak, and must be being protected from training. As the empire laws say she most goto korriban, and also sabrina saved the hutts consular on tattaoine. Without the consulars hutts have been known to go bankrupt, and on nar sha dar he promised she under his protection. So to kill her here, it would upset the hutt.

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"Very well. I must take my leave, i must return to the Dreadnaught The Revealer and contact Darth Ravage. Apprentice, if you do decide to take me up on my offer, there is a smuggler somewhere on this moon named Cathinka, she knows much of the Hutts orginisation, find her if you wish, and tell her i sent you. Even though your an imperial she should still help you."
Sabrina turned to meanken and zero, and quickly scribled a note. It read make contact and bug her too, I don`t trust this agent. She smiled and then sat down, and had more of wine. She looked very unhappy, and you could see the clog`s turning as she was figuring out her next move.