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Too late to jump in? I hope that a slight deviation from the usual classes isn't a problem

Species: Human

Name: Calder Katerian

Age: 32

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 164 lbs

Appearance: A lean and muscular physique. Light brown skin, brown eyes, and short black hair.

Birth Planet: Corellia

Profession: Republic Agent

Primary Weapon: A-116 Elite Marksman Interceptor blaster pistol

Misc Items: Holocommunicator

Personality: When he first enlisted in Republic Intelligence, Calder was an idealistic young man who wanted to make the galaxy a better place. After a gritty few years as a rookie agent he has been partially jaded, but still wants to believe in the ideals of the Republic. He puts off a carefree front, but deep down he has a very tactical mind that is always looking for an angle.

Bio: An intelligence agent of the Republic, Calder has been sent to Nar Shadda to keep an eye on both the Hutts and any possible Imperial forces that come to the planet. He works with a few other agents on the planet, but they work quite far apart so he can't expect to receive their aid.
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