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They didn't lose all the subs because of PvP balance. And ranked warzones haven't even been out nine months.

You keep making these posts listing all these things we are terrible at, and I just don't buy it. If all your claims were true, I wouldn't see so many sorcs doing good damage in warzones. It isn't just personal experience I am considering. Again, I concede that there is a slight gap with some other specs, but the idea that we need this huge number of buffs you are suggesting is just not based in reality. We have lots of tools that you don't consider. We get a bubble and a free self heal, both on low cooldown. We have kiting tools. You can deride them all you like, but they are there and they do help. And if they buffed the class like you are suggesting, it would become overpowered worse than derp-smash.
Oh well u just prooved to ALL of us that ur not sorcerer player, and ur just black sheep arround here, so go away.
The point is black sheep doesnt see is that we lack OF KILLING POTENTIAL IDC about DMG, I Can spamm force lighting ,death field and thundering blast for DMG everbody can do it. But what u dont see is that we ( sorcerers ) true skilled players are getting pissed off because every single warzone a bounhc of people are focusing us for. The point is if EVERBODY focusing me I WANT SOMETHING FOR EXCHANGE for all that focus. But we dont have anything..and u know when u dont have anything for exchange that means you are free kill. I want burst ability, I want something in exchange for being focused by all in every single wz. And the dude told u u can see sorc doing a lot of DMG but with 5 KILLS while snipers/pt and other DPS class has 70 kills. I also used to PvP A LOT before 1.2 came out because it was actually fun, but now theres just no point in PvPing because I will get piss off by being focused by everyone and give nothing in to exchange.

I really hope so u r going to do something with sorcs bioware because Im gona unsub as I did after 1.2 And trust me theres so many people thinking like this...

For me 1.7 is last hope