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It's not just the burst damage we're behind on- we have the worst mitigation, no defensives, our mobility boost is very easy to counter and we only get a root break in the healing spec, our baseline CC is some of the most limited in the game- which is why everyone's getting into lightning partway for backlash and bindings.

Our force regen mechanic for corruption is terrible in pvp, we are the most mitigated class armour-wise while having the least mitigation ourselves, we are lacking some of the great passives- like 15% run speed, or aoe damage reduction- and we don't have short term damage immunity or CC immunity or leap/pull immunity.

5% isn't going to make a sorc come even close to the burst my PT and marauder can do. It's why when you see a sorc with 800k damage, you also see both teams did 2 million healing, and the sorc has 5 kills- when a PT, mara, sniper, jugg or sin does 500k damage- they have 70 kills.

The problem isn't 'damage', the problem is actual killing power- we don't have it, a healer that purges kills the damage of madness, and can outheal it even if they don't- a lightning sorc can do more burst, but like a merc is immobile and if anyone decides to shut down a lightning sorc- they will.

If we aren't going to have killing power- we need something else, and having a snare with less duration than CD and no baseline root and no baseline CC protection of any kind makes us a piss poor kiter.

It's not really doom and gloom now- we called doom and gloom back when 1.2 came out- four months later the game's f2p, even though at the time it was going strong and f2p wasn't on the table.

Even those that are playing now are pvping less- I used to get instant pops whenever fleet hit 200, now there can be 2 1/2 fleets plus at least DK, Korriban, NS are full too- and fifteen minute waits on normals; RWZ are becoming extinct.

So, we lost 1.2 if not more million subs, went f2p within months of the patch that neutered us, are all but absent in the dps role in RWZ, and pvp's popularity per person playing is at an all time low.

What for you exactly constitutes a point where we have a problem that needs something to be done to fix it? Band-aids aren't going to do it, and throwing in a slight damage increase is not going to make us suddenly a RWZ viable class- you know that full well.
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