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We tried that already- subs dropped from 1.7 million to around 500k within 2 months after patch 1.2 came out- multiple reasons for that of course, but just looking at WZ ratios it was clear a massive amount of sorcs, dps ops and mercs had stopped pvping and unsubbed.

If losing over two thirds of your playerbase and having to go free to play, while having 3 classes absent in DPS roles from RWZ for nine months isn't enough for BW, then there probably isn't anything that'll convince them.
They didn't lose all the subs because of PvP balance. And ranked warzones haven't even been out nine months.

You keep making these posts listing all these things we are terrible at, and I just don't buy it. If all your claims were true, I wouldn't see so many sorcs doing good damage in warzones. It isn't just personal experience I am considering. Again, I concede that there is a slight gap with some other specs, but the idea that we need this huge number of buffs you are suggesting is just not based in reality. We have lots of tools that you don't consider. We get a bubble and a free self heal, both on low cooldown. We have kiting tools. You can deride them all you like, but they are there and they do help. And if they buffed the class like you are suggesting, it would become overpowered worse than derp-smash.