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01.20.2013 , 11:22 PM | #13
I'd just like to apologise for my earlier reply since in hindsight, it seems a bit... absolute.

I misunderstood the topic and thought this was a fight to the death, of The Ones specifically. Anyhow as the original poster pointed out, defeat doesn't have to mean total annihilation.

In any case then I would like to put forward our "current" Emperor, Lord Vitiate. As we know he never needs to directly get in harms way and can use his signature ability of fighting through another sentient being, while he figures out a way to defeat The Ones. Moreover if we allow Lord Vitiate to... accomplish his ultimate goal (being vague incase anyone hasn't finished the Jedi Knight storyline), I feel he would be more than a match for The Ones, maybe even against all 3 of them together! /mindexplodes

THIS I would love to see.