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01.20.2013 , 10:31 PM | #397
Sorcerers should produce the highest damage potential in the game, period.

Balance is a constant tension between two polar opposites:


Survivability is defined as maximal Hit-Point Potential, Armor Rating, Mitigation, Defensive-Cooldowns, and Mobility. Output is defined as the ability to produce meaningful damage or healing that is both sufficient and necessary to kill or heal a target.

In theory an Advanced-Class that excels at one end of this spectrum, to retain overall class balance, requires concomitant inferiority on the other end.

Sorcerers suffer from the worst survivability in the game, and yet also suffer from perhaps the 2nd worst (Mercenaries/Commandos) Damage Output in the game.

Either our defensive capabilities need to be brought in line with our Damage-Potential, allowing us to actually survive long enough for our DoT-damage to be effective or our Damage-Potential needs to increased.

In this sense I would argue that Madness requires a mere 5% damage increase, ideally as front-loaded DoT damage. The spec's mobility and CC capabilities will otherwise allow it to survive.

Lightning on the other hand suffers from nigh-complete immobility and cast-sensitive attacks, thereby requiring either a major defensive redesign or a more significant boost to damage.

Yes, a high-level player who extracts the greatest potential from a Min/Maxed AC is going to be effective.

Balance however is not a subject for the outliers, it is a matter for the median and mean values of a specification, and at the moment our AC suffers horribly in that regard.