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01.20.2013 , 08:33 PM | #21
this is what i have done in the last couple civil wars in lowbie 10-49

i will usually peel to the left node as game begins grabbing the pvp buff along the wall
i will then head to the left node to support cap
after cap i will start moving to the mid node checking the map the whole time
75% of the time the others at the cap will follow me to mid so now there is no one guarding
i then backtrac to the node to solo d mentioning my disgust in ops chat

if the enemy team gets the other two nodes and we make little impact then i will solo d for the first 4 medals or so then announce in ops chat that i will be abandoning the solo guard responsibilities to get my other 4 medals (the easy ones to get real quick-- assassin; 2k damage; and those others that rack up real quick when first dishing out damage)

sometimes the action results in a turn around others i get wiped and i'll humbly return to node duty to wait out the wz