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Figured I would repost this as it would get more attention in the Trooper forum.

After recently comparing my Vanguard and Powertech on my ship's training dummy, I had found a rather major problem. Almost all of my Powertech's abilities cost less energy.
Here is the energy mechanic of both classes.
Bounty Hunters have 100 Heat.
Their primary attacks, (Pyro Spec) Flame burst, rocket punch, thermal detonator, explosive dart and rail shot. All cost 16 Heat.
Other abilities with an advantage would be Electro Dart and Carbonize. CC abilities costing 8 heat.

Troopers have 12 Ammo for their energy mechanic.
Their equivalent attacks to Pyro spec (Assault Spec) Ion pulse, stockstrike, assault plastique, sticky grenade and high impact bolt. All cost 2 Ammo, basically 16.666 Heat
Their CC abilities Cryo grenade and Neural Pulse all cost 1 Ammo, equal to 8.333 Heat

Here’s what I saw with testing.

My Powertech was able to consecutively use 9 Flame Bursts (16 heat) with 4 extra heat left over.
My Vanguard was able to consecutively use 8 Ion Pulses (“16.666 heat”) with 9% extra ammo left over.
It’s easy to compare both classes, if you mouse over your Ammo. “Ammo level = 100%”

Using one Ion Pulse brought my Ammo level to 83%, rounded down from 83.333%
Using a Flame burst brought my Heat to 16 basically 84% remaining.

The bigger impact is on Energy Regeneration levels. Both classes regenerate the exact amount in relation to their pools.
Bounty Hunters: Fast 5/sec, 5/100 = 5%. Moderate 3/Sec = 3% Very Slow is 2/Sec = 2%
Troopers: Fast .6/sec, .6/12 = 5%. Moderate .36/Sec .36/12 = 3% Very Slow is .24/Sec = 2%

On my Trooper: 3 Ion Pulses brought me down to Moderate, 7 Ion Pulses brought me down to Very Slow
On my BH: 5 Flame Bursts brought me down to Moderate, 8 Flame Bursts brought me down to Very Slow
BHs get to fire off 1 to 2 more attacks before suffering from reduced energy regen.
Attacks such as Flame Thrower/Pulse Cannon, Death From Above/Mortar Volley, Flame Sweep/Explosive Surge, Missile Blast/Explosive Round, Incendiary Missile/Incendiary Round do not have this problem as they cost identical amounts of energy.
25 heat/ 100 = 3 Ammo / 12
The only time troopers have an advantage is with talented abilities that grant 1 Ammo every 6 seconds. (8.333 heat) compared to bounty hunters getting only 8. However this does little to off-set the increased costs of every other ability.

This bug affects all Trooper Vanguard and Commando abilities costing 1 or 2 Ammo, resulting in lower DPS or HPS compared to an equally geared and skilled Bounty Hunter.

Edit- A sample fix without completely redoing the 12 Ammo system (making it 100 Ammo to almost identical to heat)
A fix to this problem should be relatively simple, All abilities that cost 2 Ammo should be reduced to 1.92 Ammo
1.92/12 = .16 which is equal to 16 Heat
All abilities that cost or grant 1 Ammo should be reduced to .96 Ammo
.96/12 = .08 which is equal to 8 Heat.
This bug also appears to affect Commando 4 Ammo abilities, although to a lesser extent. Mercs abilities cost 33 Heat, Commandos cost 33.333 heat. A reduction from 4 Ammo to 3.96 would also resolve this issue. 3.96/12 = .33

Tooltips for 1 Ammo, 2 Ammo and 4 Ammo abilities can remain the same (not displaying decimals) to prevent confusing new players, but mechanically they should be using the exact same costs as Bounty Hunters.

EDIT-2 (Edit 3- Further testing indicates bug with Energy Regen shown below is entirely graphical, see post for more details

It seems I also missed the huge difference between regeneration intervals between both classes that further contributes to this problem.
Here are the percentage Intervals between Troopers and Bounty Hunters.
At 66.66% Ammo Remaining (8 Ammo), Troopers Get Moderate Regeneration.
At 25% Ammo Remaining (3 Ammo), Troopers Get Very Slow Regeneration.
Very Fast Regen has a range of 33.33%, Moderate a range of 41.66%, Very Slow a range of 25%.

Bounty Hunters
At 60% Heat Remaining, BHs get Moderate Regeneration
At 20% Heat Remaining, BHs get Very Slow Regeneration.
Very Fast Regen has a range of 40%, Moderate a range of 40%, Very Slow a Range of 20%

In addition to the reduced costs, it appears BH's also get generally higher overall Regeneration, (They can burn 40 Heat and stay in very Fast Regen, Vanguards can only burn 33.33% Ammo before dropping to moderate.) This also constitutes to a DPS Improvement, as well superior burst potential.

Sample fix to this problem. Moderate Regen should start at 7.2 Ammo not 8.
7.2/12 = 60%
Very Slow Regen should start at 2.4 Ammo not 3.
2.4/12 = 20%