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The Si is politically more powerful as a member of the Dark a council. Save for intervention by the Emperor, The Si is effectively the chief executive of his sphere of influence. The Wrath does not serve as an executive. He instead acts as a watchdog at the Emperor's behest. He doesn't control any aspect of Imperial life. The Wrath is outside of the normal imperial chain of command and is not over the Dark Council. His authority only extends over the Dark Council when the Emperor himself gives him that authority
just there is one but, hes chosen of the Emperor ( and unlike Scourge his advancement had different background ) and probably his strength is much bigger than that of all combined Dark Council members, who knows, maybe hes even equal to Emperor ( even without powering up with rituals ). Wrath per se doesnt control any ministry, but he can if he wants to. Most probably he have right to kill anyone except Hands ( but Emperor would probably spare him even them considering that Vitiate is rather careless about his pawns )
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