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Species: Human

Name: Kruso Sivak

Age: 29

Height: 1.85 meters

Weight: 178 lbs

Birth Planet: Vanqor

Armor: (near right) dark silver (primary) and maroon (secondary) color scheme

Profession: Hunter, seeker, killer-for-hire, Mandalorian commando

Primary Weapon: Black A-212 Projector-X blaster pistol

Secondary Weapon: Detonators (thermal, sonic, smoke, flashbang, carbonite), flamethrower, grappling hook, wrist laser, tracer missiles, saber darts (poison, electro, stun), collapseable electrostaff, hidden gauntlet vibroknife

Misc Items: Holocommunicator, Jetpack

Likes: Credits, loyalty, honor, war

Dislikes: Politics, getting cheated, unhonorable actions, unnecessary cruelty/violence

Kruso was born to crash survivors on Vanqor. The young boy and his parents were soon rescued and brought to Florrum. He learned traditional Mandalorian fighting up until he hijacked a starfighter at the local colony spaceport, enticing him to leave the planet. Arriving on Nar Shaddaa, he met bounty hunter Kaddo Sivak. The young boy was renamed Kruso in order to start his life fresh from Florrum. Under the wing of Kaddo, Kruso learned even more Mandalorian fighting skills and even a few tricks on hunting and taking down bounties. Kaddo was killed in a trap for the infamous bounty hunter, and Kruso swore vengeance on those who killed his mentor and closest friend. Tracking down his "father's" murderers, Kruso slew them all in cold blood. He inherited Kaddo's armor and blaster, and took on the surname Sivak to honor his dead mentor. Kruso stole a D-5 Mantis patrol craft and went around the galaxy as a bounty hunter.
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