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In star wars there are people in the republic who believe driods shoud have rights and there are people who believe driods are property.

The empire it doesnt mather since a driod is no different from a slave.

I thought lets bring that discussion into the forums:

So long version short.

Do you support driods having rights?
Or do you see them as property.

Tell us your point of view.
Well... there was a droid revolt, the flashpoint directive seven. However it just proves that even droids can be tyrranical dictators because the leader of the droids directly controls all of the droids except for a select few (healer and the bosses) it doesnt matter which species or what they r made of. there will always be a power hungry dictator which will control them and be the reason for their fall
People grovel at their feet for an audiance with the dark council. You are no exception