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WRIS is looking to recruit members who enjoy crafting. We have been making/selling items on the GTN for a few months now. We average out between 800,000 - 1,000,000 a week (depending on schedules and such)

We currently have 2 regular crafters and are hoping to expand our business to make a net weekly guild income of 4-10 million credits.
We are also hoping that any crafters we recruit will be involved in our weekly raid schedule. We raid on tuesday and saturday nights. Raid gather between 8-10pm EST.

We have a vent server, a guild bank with 3 tabs and a guild site for easy co-ordination.

You can inquire via in-game mail @Sorcero or @Apotheosis. You can also reply to this thread or drop us a line on our guildsite.

We have a republic mirror guild aswell which is still a baby, and we are looking for members to fill up our new raid roster. Inquiry for "Republic's WRIS" can be made @Burkley or @Daneobi. Aswell as through this thread or the site!
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