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Chapter 2

The Prism- Prisoner Distribution Center

Luke Skywalker and Jaina Solo watched several guards escort The Master's floating cage through The Prysm's dim halls. Luke was intent on following them to make sure The Master didn't escape, but he was stopped by the super-prison's Warden: Jansil Cordon. Jansil was a tall man, and had an air of nobility about him. His dress code supported that theory, as he was wearing a neat black suit.

"Master Jedi, it may be best if you avoid the prisoners. Many of them have been put in here because of you Jedi." Jansil had an optimistic attitude for a prison warden.

Luke noted Jansil's attitude, but was worried still. "He surrendered almost without a fight... I don't like it." The Master was still dangerous, and Luke wanted to make sure he didn't escape.

Jansil nodded in agreement. "At least that scum is locked up where he belongs, as are the rest of his friends. I heard that their execution is in three weeks." He waved a pair of guards, dressed in standard blue uniforms, over to them. "These two will escort you to his cell."

The two guards saluted Jansil and marched to follow the guards escorting The Master. Luke and Jaina quickly followed.

*** *** *** ***

The Prism- Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement was nothing more than a long hallway of cells sealed with powerful Ray Shields. Each cell was equipped with several Neural Dampener, preventing Force-users from using their powers to escape. The Master could feel an invisible field around him, preventing him from using his powers. Escape would not be as easy as he had first thought.

The Master surveyed his cell. Rusty walls, rusty refresher, a rock-hard bed sitting on a raised metal slab. Truly The Prism was a quality prison. The silver durasteel walls had rusted to give the walls a blood-stained resemblance... perhaps it really was blood. He sat on the bed, it provided no comfort for him... not that it needed to. He did not intend to be here long.

The Master heard the echoes of footsteps coming from the hallway. Within moments the source of the footsteps was standing before him: Luke Skywalker, Jaina Solo, and two guards. "Come to gloat over your victory, Jedi?" The Master kept his gaze fixed on a red stain at his feet.

The two guards stepped to the sides of the cell entrance. Luke touched the Ray Shield that sealed the cell, it gave off no energy at his touch. "We came to make sure you didn't try to escape."

The Master chuckled to himself and brushed his brown hair out of his vision. "Indeed? As you can see, I can't escape. If you are here for something more trivial, please don't bother."

Luke said nothing in reply. He motioned to Jaina to leave. She obeyed her Uncle and stepped aside. Luke remained motionless for some time, studying The Master. A few minutes later, he left with the two guards. The echoes of their footsteps grew softer and softer as they exited Solitary Confinement, leaving The Master to his thoughts.

*** *** *** ***

Defender-class Starship- Meditation Chamber

The Defender silently drifted through hyperspace en route to Hutta. The old star cruiser was remarkably capable for being from ancient times.

The bright white lights of The Harbinger's Meditation Chamber proved a stark contrast to the darkness of The Iron Citadel. The Harbinger found it refreshing to be out of the darkness. She meditated, sitting in front of The Master's Holocron, with the two Twi'leks sitting beside her.

The Holocron glowed bright green once again and The Master's image graced them once more. "Child, we have a change of plans. The Shadow and Assassin will not be traveling with you for now."

What happened to trigger this change? The Twi'leks remained silent, forcing The Harbinger to speak for them. "Why not, father?"

"My escape from this prison is delayed. I need their help."

At those words, The Assassin spoke. "What is your will, my master?"

"Former Chief of State Natasi Daala installed Neural Dampeners in The Prism, preventing my escape." The Master was clearly irritated. "Once you land on Hutta, steal a transport and make your way to Coruscant. Once there, sneak aboard a prison transport. If you have any concerns, I assure you that a dangerous prisoner will be needing transport to The Prysm when you arrive on Coruscant."

The Shadow's spotted lekku thrummed. "We will have to use stealth field generators, our powers will not work on The Prism."

The Master's image nodded. "Correct. Do not fail me. Your missions are of the utmost importance."

The Master's students stood and bowed before the image faded. The Assassin bowed once more to The Harbinger. "We will not fail. When we are finished with our mission we will return."

The Harbinger nodded in reply. She would have to deal with the Hutt Cartel on her own.
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