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Unfortunately Icey won't be back for a few weeks. Our mumble just isn't the same without him. I'm guessing the Imp base on Illum feels the same way

All jokes aside if you want to do ranked send a /tell to Spidey or any of our members and we can set something up. Hope you don't mind if our comp is like 7 knights and 1 Vanguard lol might not be the most competitive team but it it's better than nothing.
There's nothing wrong with it, honestly the ranked games are fun because everyone knows how to play and are coordinating, even if the class compositions aren't perfect. On the Imp side, the top guilds have taken to gathering up 16 people and having captains pick teams (kickball style). It's not as cutthroat as A team versus A team, but its really competitive and fun. Strangely enough there aren't any accusations of hacking in those games!

It gets hilarious when we hit another queueing team - I think Cookies was doing kickball interguild and fought a Covenant team with all warriors or all sorcs or something.