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lets see...

pure random vs a premade on voice = fair??

Not in a million years.

Lets try that with sports and see how long it lasts! Premade professional team vs random people that dont even know who they will be with!

To defend that is simply disgusting.
That's the disconnect with game life and real life.

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Been saying the same since release, and only replies I get are from trolls.
There's been the same suggestion rolling on the forums for months, no groups* in PUG WZ, a 4 group on 4 group WZ, and ranked WZ.

* While trolls post, 'friends will still be able to talk to each other', the random player selection would most times scatter those 4 friends into 4 different WZs. Have fun coordinating with that.

Once upon a time, two of us were watching a day long two-court basketball session. Game ended when a set number of points were scored. The morning was PUGs, 5 on 5 random players. Competitive, but a horrible uncoordinated mess. Mid-day was PUGs vs PUGs who formed groups. Total slaughter; groups won all but one of the matches. Sound familiar? Fortunately that was a short demonstration to participants, that teamwork will win over solo play. PUG group vs PUG group was brutal, competitive, but more coordinated. Second best segment of the day.** The rest of the day was group versus group. Ending with a match of two retired pros versus a randomly selected 5 man group. Guess how that ended? ***

** And a yes to being having players watch WZ matches. Something to do while waiting for your match to spawn.
*** They lost, with smiles.

You want competitive matches? Set up 4/group vs 4/group WZs.

Since Bioware won't likely change anything, enjoy the short gear grind.