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I made a suggestion quite a while ago to make it more of a Channeled Project. think about its current casting animation, Instead of the pebbles it basically launches Rocks/debris at them so its basically casting 3 'projects'. BW could make the animation a little more snazzy by instead of just throwing three 'rocks' at them, You first lift the rocks and they hover around your character and it begins launching them every second. Then they could just fall and fade away if interrupted.

EDIT: OR it could have an animation similar to that of the way Sidious throws those round booth thingys at Yoda near the end of Episode 3.
While your idea would look cool, it unfortunitely would take a lot longer than the sith ability. That was why the original Project got changed, because it was faster imp side. There would be no balance between the mirrors.

The only real fix I can see for this would be to add in "Forcey" lines or a powerfull "Wind" like effect. I don't want that, as I can see the "Avatar" rip offs coming out in droves.
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Worst Launch? Ever heard of Jurassic Park? John gave Dr. Grant early access and all of a sudden... PEOPLE. ARE. DYING.