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I'd say go jugg:
- More utility (force push -> douple charge, friendly leap)
- if you play smash, the instant 4 stacks is way cheaper to get (Enrage vs 30stacks fury->berserk)
well if you smash and the battle is over, enrage >berserk . but in ongoing battles (alderan with a lot of healers) berserk will be avaible way more frequenlty then enrage.
(each ability that spends rage gives 4 stacks, and each time you recieve damage you get 2 stacks and once you get 30 you get full rage+ 4 shockwaves and can start over without useing a single rage building attack).

marauders for that reason will get the higher numbers at the end of the warzone.

also cloak of pain actiually adds to your dr instead of multiplying. so a marauder has 26% armor +2% from undying + 5% from shii-cho with defensive forms + 20% from cloak of pain = 53% for 30 seconds every min. (and 10%+2%+5%+20% = 37% against internal )

so the heavy armor statement is very missleading since a jugg has only 30% + 3% from shii-cho

and i am not even getting started on undying rage and force caemo on 45 sec cooldown as well as obfuscate