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I might as well put mine up here as well. Also, you guys don't necessarily have to follow the SWTOR class system in this RP. Sidious was essentially a Sorcerer, but he could hold his own in combat with several Knights. Obi-Wan was essentially a Knight, but had a great understanding of the Force and was powerful in his application of it. So, as far as abilities go, think more along the lines of the movies than the games. This RP is gonna be pretty loose and lenient, so you can get away with a lot.

Name: Darth Archonus

Species: Sith Pureblood

Age: Uncertain

Height: 6'7''

Weight: Body Type 2-ish

Birth Planet: Dromund Kaas

Class: Sith Inquisitor

Advanced Class: Sith Sorcerer (except, ya know, how they are supposed to be)

Primary Weapon: Intricate, somewhat antique lightsaber with a slight curve in the handle and a red blade.

Secondary Weapon: He keeps several lightsabers on his person should they be needed.

Misc Items: Small Sith holocron that he keeps on his person at all times; holo-communicator; a small bag of spare crystals.

Force Abilities: Wide array of abilities (I'm drawing more from the movies than the game here, so while the melee-Force ratio of Sorcerers/Councilors to Warriors/Knights will be the same, I'm not going to limit you to your class, so long as god-modding doesn't occur), but has a knack and love for Sith Lightning.

Personality: Archonus is plagued by numerous Sith spirits (most notably the ancient Sith Darth Malikhast) and this has had a profound effect on his personality. He is cold, intelligent, distant, and unforgiving. On occasion, he refers to himself in the third person or as 'we', a testament to the slow breakdown of his mind as he loses himself within the collective of spirits he uses to fuel his power. Furthermore, his fragile mind will rarely erupt into fits of unmitigated rage where self control is impossible, and anything between him and the source of his anger is a fair target.

Bio: Darth Archonus was born on Dromund Kaas to a respected Sith family, eagerly shipped off the the Academy as soon as he was old enough to join. There, he demonstrated a keen proficiency in using the Force to harm others, from Sith Lightning to other, darker powers. Once he graduated, he returned to the Kaas system with his master, Darth Vathis, and continued his training. In true Sith fashion, Archonus slew his master and siezed her power base, quickly propelling himself through the ranks of the Empire. It is recorded that he made a trip to Korriban at some point, returning an entirely different person and carrying with him an intimidating, faceless mask and matching vestments. Ever since, he has been plagued by dark spirits, dabbled in rituals that even Sith shun, and spilled the blood of thousands of Republic soldiers and Jedi.
Peace is a lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength.
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