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Hopefully y last toon
Name: Cathinka
Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa,
Occupation: Republic Admiral, part time, rest Smuggling
Race: Mirrilian.
Class: Smuggler
Advanced Class: Scoundrel
Weapons: Blaster
Secondary's:Limited use of force push, grenades, missiles, medpacs, all tools used for fighting dirty
Misc: Holo Comunicator, Earpiece,
Personality:Humurous, loving
Goals in life: To die rich, and happy
Hates: Xenophobia.
Likes: The republic, navy, nar shadaa, fellow smugglers.

Quick Bio, Cathinka grew up with her sisters Zaras and Zarys on nar shadaa, although they werent her blood sisters, as cathinka was adopted. She always felt left out because of her different race, and she felt her difference was obvious, as her sisters shared such similar names, and then she had a very distinct unique name.
Cathinka was trained in imperial intelligence, with Zaras once zarys was sent off to korriban, however when she gained a nemesis in the sith order, Zaras was ordered to kill her.
Zaras and Cathinka dueled to the death outside the citadel, at night during curfew, when no one else was aloud out. The Darth who ordered cathinkas death watched, as Zaras defeated her simply because cathinka refused to fight back.
When the Darth ordered Zaras to execute Cathinka, she couldnt, and instead lashed out at him, firing one lethal shot to the darths temple.
Cathinka fled, hating the sith for what they had done to her, but ever loving her sister. She became a smuggler and was picked up by the republic years later.
We all live or die as Krayt wills, Stryfe. At his word, I would cut out my own heart. Or yours.
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