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While I do agree I think it is more of a problem such a high skill is needed reach moderate success with a dps sorcerer for endgame/skillcap results that are sub-par to other class capabilities.
I reject this notion. I think everyone agrees that the derp-smash spec is too easy and needs a serious nerf. If you are comparing Sorcs to the one spec in the game that everyone agrees is OP, then yes, you need a high level of skill to put out the same damage numbers as other specs. But the same could be said for other classes as well.

Honestly, you just need to be relatively competent to do good damage in warzone with most any spec.

A minor damage buff is needed to puts sorcs at the same level as other advanced classes for DPS output both in PvE and PvP. We are talking around 5 percent. Anything more than that is unrealistic and unnecessary.