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Prompt:The Story So Far

I timidly adventured into the Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread some months ago with a small bit on a character that I had not really entertained writing about at all. The prompt: Ceremonies though, triggered a story idea for one of my characters and well..... Here I am and here are the characters I have introduced into the SFC.

I am not one for timelines and such, so I have no idea where this all fits in the chronology of the ingame story lines. I just write the ideas that spill out of my head and hope others enjoy them. So here is a little background on each one I have written about to date. (though there are more that are asking for attention, I keep telling them to shush, I don't have time for them yet lol)

Kabe has done a good job of putting the stories in Chronological order here, and it is quite accurate so that saves me that.

Minalde – Jedi Sage.


Randall – Jedi Shadow


There is also a What If story about Randall & Minalde where they are Sith that I have plans to write as an Alternate Universe story someday.

Cielle – Bounty Hunter (Mercenary)


Irrissa – Imperial Agent


Rissa – Sith Inquistior (Sorcerer)


Cleindori – Jedi Knight (Sentinel)

*Rissa (60 Sorc) * Cielle (55 Merc)* Irrissa (55 Op) Ko'neko (55 Mara)
*Minalde (60 Sage)* Aubrei (60 Scound)* Cleindori (55 Sent) Rosaleen (55 Com)