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Agent Zaras looked around the glistening streets of nar shadaa, and took out her Holo Comunicator, and sent a holo call to meanken.

Meanken. Do not reply. No not move, and Do not react. This is a one way frequency, i can not, and i shall not, hear your reply.
This is the second, no doubt you Havn't heard of me. That is because i am the shadow, to the minister of intelligence.
I know you have been sent to Nar Shadaa to meet with an apprentice of a powerful Sith Lord. I know she has asked you to discover information on Da Tilla the hutt.
My sister, Darth Irialis, is currently orbitting nar Shadaa, on her way to meet with The Hutt Cartel, to attempt to form an alliance, to bring a swifter end to this war. If they find out imperial intelligence has been spying on them, its all over.
I know you are good at your jobs, i have heard glowing reports from Keeper and the minister, i know you can do this wihout them noticing.
But if they find you.
Well, sufficed to say Irialis will not be happy. And she is not an enemy you wish to have.

She cut off the transmission, jumped in her speeder, and head for the Star Light casino
What the hell? Mean wondered as he siped his beer. This damm job is getting weirder by the moment. And why the hell is he calling me anyway? zero is the one in charge. damm weird sith.