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People that know me know who I am. That's all that matters. I don't know you, but from what I can gather you are a random nub yearning for acceptance.
Firstly I'm not yearning for anything. You asked "are you coming from a different server and why roll imp?" Yes I am. I gave you my personal reasons. You attacked them and you attacked me personally.

Your original thread reads like "pub pvp is bad we are getting rolled by imps so if you are skilled roll a pub to help raise our skill floor and also challenge yourself" Which would be a fine appeal if people you are appealing too cared about normals.

I already explained to you I didn't reroll here to do normal warzones. Please re-read that. Normals here are just slightly more interesting than the ones on my original server. Some other pub attacked that statement. The rerolls I've talked to doing lowbies didn't reroll here to be competitive at unranked wz we can do those on our origin servers in our original guilds. If you read server forums of other servers you can see that ranked pvp is dead or dying everywhere. This server seems to be the exception which is why I chose this server. I didn't pick imp for ez moade or whatever other reasons pubs are attacking rerolls here about. My main is a imp so I made a imp here its really not more complicated than that. I'm loyal to my faction, faction loyalty I learned from years of playing WoW for better or worse, all the faction swapping in this game rubs me the wrong way as it is. You don't have to like my reasons but attacking me for them isn't really getting me excited about your faction. I already pointed out that I get plenty of imp on imp queues daily facing the "tough" faction so your argument about factions and pop balance is moot. You and the rest of the pubs that have commented here are pulling at straws with your attack on people choosing imp side.

TL;DR The only thing that matters is ranked warzones deal with it.
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