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marauder warzone DPS montage? so the most overpowered AC doing what he does best where he best does it which is in a game where other players are anything but out try and get you? I dig you're creativity bruv but a monky could do this and probably better than you do. but then again i stopped watching quite early when you jumped players that weren't playing death match and probs just let you kill them so they could get to the hut ball quicker like i do with tunnelers because if you're not playing the objective you're not worth my cool-downs vs just respawning. Now if theres some moments where you use those force leaps to actually score it then maybe you aught have opened with those i would have continued watching. but DPS marauder video is more of a commercial to advertise the class for BW from this perspective not to flame YOU par-se but its just the way i see these thats what the class is meant for and does best so all you can do is advertise it and the game im sure you will score BW some new players with this and i think we can all appreciate that much . /feedback
Well, you ended off there with some good feedback. I would argue if a monkey could do what i did then they would - but no one does. I would love to see pvp vids that did what I could do, because simply, most pvp vids are boring as hell.

I don't show too much objectives in pvp because THAT'S something any monkey can do - yet again - most don't.

I certainly look to promote the game, thats for sure.

Thanks for the feedback!
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