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Sorry, I thought that was your code names. She was slighty embarssed by getting that wrong, or the protocol of not knowing they where not alowed to tell her their real names. Well the hutt as you know like most hutt`s are gangsters, however he more militrized hutt. He very intrested in long term weapons precorment, and ship building facilties. I met an emmisarry of his on tattoine, by accident and helped out. So he offering me a deal, know what really want to know, as he got the power to go through with his side deal if it struck. How easy can his loyalty be turned, as we know we can`t completely trust a hutt. He is neutral though trades with both republic and imperial, so I need to know more about him before I begin talks with hiim. As I don`t like leaving thing to chance, which I suspect in your line of work you do`t etheir. She thanked the waitress, as she pased them their drinks. Then she took a sip of her glass of wine, Oh and zero, I have favour ro ask you later when meanken not here. she said with a smile on her face, it was fisrt time she was off anyone leash. Even captain markus her sharparon was not here, and she intend to make the most of it. She new her master had no idea where she was etheir, he thought she was nal hutta.
Mean rolled his eyes and got up, walking over to the bartender and yelling for a drink. Zero raised her eyebrow "What is so inportant that he can't hear it?"