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Look, I only proposed this hypothetical because they're of the same time period and class (all are from the Clone Wars era, and I didn't wanna mix with the Old Republic or other eras). I know they are not the elite, but I chose it because they all use blasters and don't use lightsabers, so it's a fair, balanced fight. Also, they are cold-blooded killers all of them, whereas Jedi tend to try to disarm or arrest, so this battle would be full of death with no prisoners of war.

Give the pirates their credit... they arrested Count Dooku, Anakin and Obi Wan with ease, and recaptured them when they tried to escape. Also, they nearly killed Darth Maul and Savage when fleeing from Florrum, so they aren't as weak as some people believe.

I'm aware I could have picked much better armies, but it wouldn't have been a fair or even interesting fight if I put say the Seperatists or the Republic vs any of these warriors as it's just silly. This was about a close battle with many casualties and it's difficult to choose an out and out winner.