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This. Let PvP and PvE reward the same gear, and make gear mostly irrelevant for PvP.

And the OP has a valid point. I just completed a new alt to 50, did nothing but PvP for the last several levels. I ended up with 3500 ranked and 2500 regular comms, enough to buy relics, implants, and ear. The rest of my gear ended up recruit, and it sucks horribly compared to optimized EWH. Right now, I only complete my daily on that toon, because it isn't fun to be completely uncompetitive, and it isn't fair to the people that I end up queued with. I spend more time on my EWH/WH sage acquiring comms and gear for my alt.

The people responding with "it took me months to acquire WH gear that you can now get in a week" are not getting it. Your last few PvP matches at 49 are competitive and fun. Your first few PvP matches at 50 are awful, and this should be addressed, because it represents a huge disincentive to keep playing.
You gain the equivalent of a ****** piece of extra gear from optimized EWH compared to optimized WH. The difference is minute and the only reason people use it now is to complain about a gear grind which is hardly a gear grind. You will get your chops licked but instead of the old system which took some players 5 months to get min/maxed it can be done in less than 5 weeks.

You're just bad.