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Quote: Originally Posted by Spoletta View Post
There is indeed a problem with the gear gap from recruit to WH, but with maxed comms as you described you should have almost full WH right from the start, which is plenty competitive.
I'm assuming this is directed to me, so I'll respond. You should re-check the prices on the WH gear. Yes, it is much less expensive now, but since you can only stack up to 2750 regular comms, you cannot get anywhere near full WH from the start.

Regular comms:
550 - Relic#1 (EWH)
550 - Relic#2 (EWH)
550 - Bracers
625 - Ear
625 - Impant #1
625 - Implant #2
625 - Belt
875 - Boots
875 - Gloves
975 - Legs
1075 - Head
1425 - Chest
1550 - Main hand
1550 - Off hand

If you go from least to most expensive, you will run out of comms before you can purchase the first implant. If the EWH ear and implants are worse itemizations than the WH, you could possibly buy more gear by trading ranked comms back into regular comms. But that is a really stupid thing to do long term since they lose 2/3 of their original value. Plus, you will have spent 2500 of your ranked comms on relics anyway, leaving a maximum of 2000 comms left to convert. That would get you up to the belt, but not enough to buy boots.