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Nah, he's got a point man. Your favorite Sith is Darth Maul?!?! So your ideal villian is someone with no personality who hardly ever says anything, he's right, your in love with a movie face, just admit it man.
Darth Maul's my favourite Sith too. In the Phantom Menace, he just looked bad***** and cool. The horns, the tattoos, the lightsaber, the vehicles, his fighting technique. Even the few bits of dialogue he had. He displayed a lot of personality in his silent presence and it appealed to my younger self. I'm glad they're expanding on him.

As for Ahsoka, I'd like it if she turned to the dark side. It would be an obvious indicator that Anakin is himself leaning towards the dark side, would be a good reason why she isn't mentioned later on, and if she is becomes apprentice to Maul then it legitimizes him as a character and a threat.