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Species: Zabrak [republic]
Name: Traon
Age: 25
Height: not sure, [body type 2]
Weight: not sure [body type 2]
Birth Planet: courasant,
Class: jedi knight
Advanced Class: sentinel,
Primary Weapon: main hand saber, [named 'liberator'] green coloration.
Secondary Weapon: off hand saber, [named ' revolution'] cyan coloration,
Misc Items: his holo communicator, a charred piece of metal [sentimental]
Force Abilities: (if any) force listening, force orb, kinetite, and tapas.
Personality: A very just man, brash at times,
He was born in the slums of courasant, he'd always be begging or pick pocketing people, he was being raised by a member of the black sun, [they killed his parents, he's not aware] a mirilan named "Astara." he was rasied until the age of 10, that's when the republic did a raid on the gangs HQ, they didn't stand a chance, Traon was hiding while it happened, he witnessed his 'friends' and his parent die, when it was all over, he emerged from his hiding spot, and with the rage he had, he force pushed a trooper against the wall, knocking him out, the jedi leading the op, saw this and brought him to tython, to begin his training,
"Inside of everyone huh? sounds a lot like Madness" - The Kinshin Asura,