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Everything he said in response to your initial question on how alacrity speeds up things but not as well as we'd like and hopefully "the Jedi" will feel able to now leave this thread alone and move on because assumptions on what people do and do not know are not very sensible at all and unfortunately even simple statements can be too easily misinterpreted/misunderstood with one particular part taken out of context instead of understanding the issue as a whole.

Did you actually read what you linked? Those numbers actually say that alacrity is better for DPS point for point than surge. No one here has suggested stacking 400 alacrity. Depending on spec, you stack alacrity after you get your surge somewhere in the 300 range. Those numbers are based on the best theorycrafting available.

I don't have to make assumptions about what you know. You've made it very clear that you don't understand how numbers work. You think we can trade alacrity for power and crit, which is not true. You think stacking surge well past the point that the DR curve makes it nearly useless is a good idea. If you want to gimp your own DPS, fine. But stop giving bad advice to others who come to these forums to get good information. Let people who know how the underlying mechanics of the game work give advice.