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Three recommendations then

1) run a clean boot to try and eliminate another program interferring with swtor and causing the crash

2) update your sound drivers from the 2010 version if available

3) •Open your Start menu and type "view reliability history" into the search box.
•Select the most recent swtor.exe failure, denoted by the red circle with the white X in it.
•Double-click the related Critical Event under Source.
•Please post the full information of the reliability history within code tags or spoiler tags
No swtor.exe failues denoted. Sound Drivers are up to date from what Windows can tell. Unfortunately I do not know the exact website to goto for the correct drivers just in case there was an update. I have ran another Disc Clean and Defrag for my system just to go over a few extra steps. Also I've ran another Repair for swtor just in case. I wished there was a list of repairs if any were made. The only results I see was that it was ran sucessfully. I'm checking another run through on a fresh character to see if I run into the same problems. I will post back once I find out my results. Just to note. I have turned off Bloom and Conversation Depth of Field. Just to make sure.