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Didnt read the wall up there so this might have been mentioned already, it probably has since the wall must have covered every aspect of .....well what we know...about everything.

Anyhow, while matching premades against premades should be a simple matter, assuming they're prepared to let people queue a tad longer it's not as easy with roles and gear.

Roles: They would either have to let people manually fill in what they would like to queue as or have some 19 point threshold for tanks and healers. Manual selections should work, give or take human errors where people accidently fill in the wrong role, because it would be stupid of people to deliberatly sign up as healer when they're really dps. They would only screw themselves over by doing a thing like that.

Gear: Gear is really tricky since it's possible to swap. People would exploit it by queueing with 12K HP just to swtich to their full WH sets as soon as they had been accepted as the newbie on the team. So are they going to somehow prevent people from switching gear in warzones? Then we're back to the human error and people accidently queueing in their pve gear. I guess that could count as recruit but it wouldnt be optimal since recruit is better than tionese, for pvp.

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