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First, you seem to be going about this kind of strange. You should choose your crafting skill first, then choose the gathering and mission skills that support that crafting skill. But, anyways...

I have both and have found Artifice much more productive.

- Crystals are ALWAYS on demand. To a lesser extent, hilts ad enhancements, but people are always out for crystals.

- Synthweaving makes clothes for force users. So many armor is dropped on the game and you get it also from flashpoints and heroics, there is barely a need to buy them from crafters. The only exception are belts and wrist pieces, and the thing is that many of the schematics in synthweaving are class restricted (only for Jedi Knight, for example).

I find both armormech and synthweaving have much less demand than what I get from Cybertech (have two of those now!) and Artifice, followed by armstech (barrels) and Biotech (implants).
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