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On this short and long list of things the game needs in the coming months.

SGR is not one of them. While I truely think it should have been included at the beginning of the game and should be added at some point since it was not in to start. It's doesn't need to be added in any short amount of time.

It needs to be done right, Not some thrown together dialogue to appease SGR couples and those that are just groupies.

Spend your BW/EA development time on current game issues and much needed content in form of long term play. Get the game running better, get the content people actually play and not some 10 secs dialogue option that fades to black and leaves the rest to imagination (which BTW is the way Hetero scenes work) -

It needs to be in game but it should have been a back burner idea slowly worked on to be right and not just thrown together.
So much else needs to be worked on in the game Vs having a 10 secs dialogue option to make SGR couples feel they got there monies worth.
So much this. Should SGRs be an optional conversation dialogue in the game? Sure. Is it a huge priority at the moment? In my opinion, not really.