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a) Learn to write correctly.

b) Darth Maul had what i call the "Boba Fett Effect". He was an incredibly awesome and mysterious character that people wanted to know more about. The whole Maul-coming-back thing isn't too far-fetched when you think about it in the long run. I personally love Maul, and he is one of the main reasons I have such a love for Sith characters. They are mysterios and bad***, which gives them a cooler edge. It's a true shame they don't win more.

c) I can't say I'm a fan of Ashoka, although I do get the reasoning for putting her into the show. It was a stunt for Anakin's character development. Skywalker is kinda the star of the show, and a huge deal (he's the Chosen One, for cryin' out loud!). The writers believed Anakin needed an apprentice to give viewers a better understanding of Anakin's growth. It's pretty genius when you think about it.
Nah, he's got a point man. Your favorite Sith is Darth Maul?!?! So your ideal villian is someone with no personality who hardly ever says anything, he's right, your in love with a movie face, just admit it man.

Edit: and you forgot to capitilize the I in "I call"