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01.20.2013 , 07:37 AM | #66
I've recieved the error on two different swtor accounts and tried three different credit/debit cards now (Visa). I've been charged the $1 control fee every time I've tried a new card but since I havent been able to buy any points afterwards, due to the now classic error message, I've pretty much been ripped off every time. It's not like I'm going broke because of the $4-5 dollars it has added up to but wouldnt you be somewhat annoyed by now?

It's clearly an issue with the swtor account so i cannot understand how people still are reporting that some CS workers are trying to blame the banks. It is not a bank/card issue. I repeat, not a bank/card issue. What happens is that when you're trying to purchase a third pack within a 24h perdiod the system will shut down your account and most likely also the card, based on how I've had a card used on one account instantly block my other swtor account. It's not a random thing and I know this because it has happened the exact same way to me on three occassions now (both swtor accounts and after that my first account had been fixed the first time) Someone clearly added this check/restriction/whatever you wish to call it and since it's still there I just have to assume that you want it there. It's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with at this point.