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01.20.2013 , 07:28 AM | #2248
1. Merge everyone to Dalborra.
2. When PVP players start on the server, have them accept a waiver that they will be permanently flagged pvp. If they dont accept, they become regular PVE players.
3. Server transfers free TO Dalborra from US.
4. Paid server transfer TO the US for anyone who doesnt like it.

The reason for 4, is their PVP community will still exist. With more people available for warzones.
Added to #2, extend the PVP cooldown for it to turn off by another 5min (obviously for the PVE players, making it a tad more interesting if they choose to flag and attempt a gank). And for gods sake, add a counter so people can see how long til it wears off.