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HOWEVER, it's equally as annoying to see LFG and WTB/S spam on the general chat as well. That's what the groupfinder, GTN and trade chat is for. General chat is just that, chit chat, a little in game (lighthearted) smack talk and asking in game questions or looking for help/advise.
I prefer to screen finding members for my groups especially since you cant use the GF for anything about a SM EV/KP! So you will see LFGs - deal with it, change the channel/ignore.

As for the WTB/S I agree we have a Trade Channel for that.

What would really be nice is if Trade was server wide broadcast, General was too and then specific channels for planet/instance established (like how General is treated as now) That way when people DO want to get groups going for anything above the lowly offerings from the GF Implementation, then we wouldn't have to travel to fleet as well as switch through several fleet instances to ask people (since Fleet chat is limited to its instance and not to all of Imperial Fleet (and they call this a MMO... I guess 250=Massive)...