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@Sage why no Duros?
You know what? I take this one back. Duros have large heads - just scale the helmets. Perhaps a tricky one to implement but surely not impossible?

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1) Disable romance if it is such a game breaker, a fade to black screen is not worth not being able to play the species I want.
2) Dissable head slots on species with strange heads, most people I know have this turned off anyway. Most people who want to play an alien will see this as a small price to pay
3) Voiceovers, my SIth Pure Blood, mt Twi-lek and and my human sith Inquisitor all had the same voices who cares if a Trandoshan, a Kel Dor and a Rodian all have the same voices. There is little scripted chat in end game, and end game flash points Roleplayers would rather have speah bubbles and tell there own story and most other players use space bar once they have done the flash point 10 times.
1) Okay, I understand the points about the fade-to-black romance. But people are only talking about the actual "sex scene" part. Some players might actually enjoy the romance storyline. And considering the amount of call from the players over same-sex romance, I don't think BioWare wants to just cut it in order to get certain species into the game. Having said that, it's certainly not impossible and a good workaround for when they decide to do it. I just don't see it being a priority.

2) Again, a decent workaround. I also have my helmet off on most of my characters. Still not a priority over compatible species IMO. This is probably the most realistic compromise that BW will make in the forseeable future. Brings in Duros, Iktochi, Devaronian (probably only males though?), Mon Cal, Neimoidian, Nautolan, Cerean... for a start.

3.) Kel Dor could probably just use the echo sound like wearing a helmet. Trandoshans don't sound like humans at all from what I've seen. And can Rodians even speak basic? This may be suitable for those who simply PvP and play endgame, but as a roleplayer I'm not willing to sacrifice... "realism".