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I suspect that the only way that Bioware will take note that people want more alien species is if everyone voted with their wallet and left of course the only problem with that is that once you stop subbing you can't vote. Personaly I have unsubbed twice stating that the lack of decent playable species is my major concern. Then I check in on the forums to see if anything has changed to make me come back and I see threads like this and I feal that if I dont resub and voice my concerns and issues then nothing will change and so even just by having a dev responce and people with the same thoughts as myself posting they have got an extra months sub off of me.

Now I have posted in a lot of species request posts, and in most the people who want to play and pay for new species always come up with the same arguments.
1) Disable romance if it is such a game breaker, a fade to black screen is not worth not being able to play the species I want.
2) Dissable head slots on species with strange heads, most people I know have this turned off anyway. Most people who want to play an alien will see this as a small price to pay
3) Voiceovers, my SIth Pure Blood, mt Twi-lek and and my human sith Inquisitor all had the same voices who cares if a Trandoshan, a Kel Dor and a Rodian all have the same voices. There is little scripted chat in end game, and end game flash points Roleplayers would rather have speah bubbles and tell there own story and most other players use space bar once they have done the flash point 10 times.

As some people have already mentioned before launch we were told if people wanted more species they would be added. Well still waiting and we also got this Gem on the 15/May/2012

Daniel Erickson Can’t comment on what species you might see, but you can expect the roster of playable species to expand… this year.

As most of us know it is now in 2013 and the species roster has not expladed and the only one on the books looks to be Cathar.

Personaly I dont want another near human I want an Alien species. A Kel'dor a Gran a Mon Cal, a Rodian something I can feel is my own character. As has been said the only 2 things I can do is vote with my voice and my wallet. Unfortunatly once you vote with your wallet you cant vote with your voice. I would be more than happy to spend 30 bucks or 50 bucks on a new species. But there is no reason for BW to do this when people will buy an even skimper slave girl outfit fot 15 bucks and thats no development time at all.