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Why offer free transfers for RP players to US/EU servers but not PvP players? It makes no sense.
I never said NOT to give PvP players free transfers, maybe you should try and be constructive and add some positive feedback to my post, which has been a relatively well rounded and agreed upon opinion, rather than trying to shoot it down and bring nothing to the table.

To put some context to the situation:
Quote: Originally Posted by OGsam View Post
I'll extend on a previous post I made with what I feel is a solution that caters for everyone;

-Merge all 3 APAC servers into 1 APAC "PVE" super server.
-Offer free transfers to those APAC players who left and started fresh on US/EU servers but only allowing them to transfer to the new APAC super server.
-Offer free transfers for any character (yes, specifically character) that was on the Gav Daragon (APAC RP-PVE server) to a selected mid population US RP-PVE server.
-Finally allow anyone who's not happy with this to pay for a transfer when that service is available.

That may seem a lot of work, but you are asking us for the best solution and I truly believe that's it.
Add PvPers to the optional transfer to a mid population US/EU PvP server.
While this may seem a very extensive solution I do feel it is a solve for the problem almost as an entirety.

Feel free to give me some constructive feedback as to whether or not you guys want this as your solution, rather than bicker amongst ourselves BW/EA is relying on us to all agree upon a solution as adults and move forward together!
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