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I chose to move servers because of this situation, so how am I not effected by it. Personally, I feel you're selfish by not giving a $#!? about anyone not still on an APAC server. If I moved from MDN to Dalborra, the server merge would fix my personal issue. I am Australian, and I am part of the Oceanic community. Just because it's not on a local server doesn't mean I'm not, and doesn't mean I haven't been adversely effected by this.
Well seeing your previous posts, you have no interest in the future of the APAC Servers.

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For me, I want to move the four 50's I have off Master Dar'Narla and onto the US PVP server where I currently enjoy playing...
So you have not plans to stay on the APAC Servers.

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If they only implement a merge, please don't for one second think that PvPers and RPer's that have re-rolled on US servers are going to come flooding back to the Super APAC Server. I certainly won't (not that many of you would care).
And your opinion on those that chose to re-roll in a different region like yourself.

It is about helping to solve the low population levels on all three APAC Servers.

Your are only looking for selfish benefits THAT WILL COME LATER THIS YEAR!
Open Transfers, BW have stated that they will come.

Thanks for supporting the APAC Server Merge
Please make the New APAC Super Server a Destination Server & All Other Servers Origin Servers.

Allowing any & all that wish to transfer to the APAC Server the opportunity to do so. Like that which was given to the NA/EU players before there Consolidation.