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The following is a list of species I would like to buy/play in SWTOR. Each species has at-least one example of a force-user, and as I have explained previously there is a quest that takes care of the need for the character to naturally speak basic. However, if you do not like the idea of technology in a highly advanced civilization(such as those in Star Wars) being implemented to alter the natural speaking patterns of a species I have labeled those that are able to speak basic naturally. (alphabetical order):
Arcona (basic)
Chagrian (basic)
Celegian (telepath so language is not an issue)
Dazouri (basic)
Devaronian (basic)
Duinuogwuin (basic)
Duros (basic)
Elomin (basic)
Falleen (basic)
Givin (?)
Ice Demon (?)
Kaleesh (basic)
Kel Dor (basic)
Jawa (no)
Mon Calamari (basic)
Neimoidian (basic)
Ongree (no)
Rodian (basic)
Selkath (?)
Talortai (?)
Togruta (basic)
Yoda's species (basic)
Wookiee (no)
For the species that would have armor clipping problems: make them like the companions such as Khem Val and just give different customizations.
If any other species were implemented I would play them if they were not purchased as standalone items i.e. as a part of an expansion not an individual cartel item.
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