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Why are people being so ridiculously unrealistic? BW are not going to reinvent their playable species list without incentive. So, if you eventually want Kel Dor, Togruta, Nautolan etc. (I know I do) then we have to put up with some closer-to-human species for a while.

Here's the criteria:
- Must not only speak basic, but must not look stupid using the already-recorded voices in the game.
Even if a Trandoshan can speak Basic, he's not going to sound like ANY of the voices recorded so far. BW are not going to re-record hundreds of hours of voice work for one species.
- Must use a standard character skeleton
Ithorians would look awkward on the standard skeleton. Any species with proportions different to the standard human would be time consuming and difficult to implement. Not going to happen any time soon
- Must be able to use existing armor
Itkotchi and Devaronian could MAYBE get away with it here, since like the Twi'Lek their horns can protrude out of helmets. But Wookiees? No. Duros? No. Mon Cal? No. Togruta seems unlikely to be easy.
- Must make sense as ALL classes
BW are only going to release species that can play as all classes - at least for now. Case in point: No Jawa Jedi. No droid Sith. Just... no.
- Romance
As much as I love Kel Dor, if they can't kiss they won't make it. Romance has become an important part of the story for so many, but if you think Plo Koon kissing Kira Carsen might look stupid, I think you're right.

You'll notice that Cathar meets all of these criteria.
My personal choices that meet these criteria are Zeltron and Falleen.
Others that meet criteria are other near-human species like Arkanians, Kiffar etc.

I'd like more companions in future updates that are consisted of the more exotic races. A Nautolan second apprentice for Jedi Knight? Perfect!

BioWare is a business. You can't volunteer your time to make models for them because of licensing and contracting terms. You can't expect all races to be made playable. Don't berate BW devs for prioritising what the majority of people want instead of what a singular few want. I plan on playing this game for years - I'm willing to be patient.
I fully agree that people have to be realistic about what they ask or think will be implamented, though in your list I find Voice and Romance options to be less important. As voice is linked to class not species I already marvel that Sith Warrior sounds the same when I am on a FP despite being different species. And to say this species would sound different so shouldn't be added they should all sound slightly different and not every species that works with the empire would have an English accent.

As for Romance, the fade to black romance isn't that vital a part of the game play to me that I think 200 hours of playing an alien species would make me nerd rage that I missed a fade to black. Obviously not as easy and would take more work removing these options. But if they put a massive disclaimer saying at certain points you will not have a [Flirt] or [Kiss] option and will not be able to romance companion and NPCs I think people can weigh up how important it is for them.

I don't believe that many people will pay 15 bucks (and it could be more given thats what we pay for some recoloured armour) to play a white or grey Human. Even if they are easy to add whats the point and would we all be expected to purchase them in the hope that once every near human has been added we might see something recognisable as an alien.

Even looking at the screenshots of Cathar they are fairly unremarkable as a feline species. Talk of all the work that has gone into them if you look at other MMO's that have included a feline species they often look far more feline than the screen shots of cathar. Who look more like face painted humans with bad hair cuts. And then we are told if they don't sell there wont be any more species so like them or not you have to purchase if you hope to see any more. And is this a ploy, no matter how many are purchased no more species will be added. Cause I remember a year ago Erickson said it wouldn't be difficult to add more species? Why did he lie to the community who have had to wait over a year for the first new species.