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I might have been a little vague in my post. I have only done 1 flash point, ever and it was pre-50. Also, please correct me if I am wrong, but I thought SM flash points are pre- 50? Or are they "entry" level mode for the flash point at 50? I took HM flash points as being this. And apparently they are also different from operations. Is the only difference the difficulty and number of ppl (4 to 8)? I am truly ignorant when it comes to what is what on flash points. You are correct, most of my toons are either min/max or partially there in e/wh gear. As far as a reason for me doing them? I guess, for me, it is something new that the game has to offer me after a year of playing it.
SM flashpoints are from Black Talon at level 10, all the way up to False Emperor and Battle of Ilum at level 50 etc. I was just saying that the only difference between HM and SM is toughness of bad guys. Sorry I mistakenly assumed you had run the SM FP's as you were leveling.

The difference between FP's and Operations, is yes, 4 man vs 8 man (Or 16). But in general operations tend to be a lot more involved, with much more complicated mechanics for the Boss Fights and of course with much better gear and mat drops ( to see what).

And by all means knock out some HM flashpoints, I was just sharing my opinion that if you are looking for something new other than PvP, operations are a lot more interesting/challenging than FP's. And in WH/EWH, you should be good all the way up to TFB SM, with a competent team around you.
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