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01.20.2013 , 12:12 AM | #1
Most of my characters are aboard my individual ships while not questing. I craft alot, and it's convenient when I have all of the ship unlocks (mailbox, GTN kiosk, ect..) When I switch characters now (ones on the ships) I get often a crash. All I see when this happens is the profile picture with no HUD. I have to tab down and re-login. This didn't happen before the last patch. I do this because of the periodic lag aboard the station when it's full of players.

Also, as I stated in the other thread, you guys need to repair the coins not appearing when you buy them. I really hate buying something and not getting jack in return.

Man, you guys have ALOT of disgruntled subscribed customers. I just joined them.

Fix this junk.