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I have to 100% disagree with you. The books and comics you are describing are the worst of the worst, well other than a few bad decisions like the Star Wars Galaxies novel. They are terribly dated in terms of being old fashioned, poorly written/drawn and most of the ones you mention will leave this poor guy in worse shape in terms of understanding current Star Wars Cannon than never having read at all.

For example, Splinter of the Mind's Eye was a tie-in novel much like a happy meal toy as a tie-in. It was written with no regard for even the rest of the original trilogy and is probably the novel of most questionable cannon status.

For the OP, I recommend reading Heir to the empire first and following from there in chronological order. At whichever point you want, read the tie-in novels to this book. You might as well skip the clone wars era novels as they are also of questionable cannonicity at this point.

While Splinter was on the shelf after A New Hope. I think the flavour of what I suggested is closer to the source than the EU after The Thrawn trilogy. Even if canonically it's considered secondary.

Regarding the poster that mentioned the X-Wing series - Stackpole's writing I felt was a bit too militaristic for me to enjoy within the universe. Although the comic was pretty decent.
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