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01.19.2013 , 11:26 PM | #7

I am stuck pretty much at the same place the previous user was : have killed off the assassin droids after answering Feylara distress call, i let Feylara live, quest updated and it told me to go back to my ship and talk to Risha, she has the quest triangle over her head but all she says is good luck captain we are counting on you.

I have tryed to go back on Feylara' ship and talk again to Risha, but she was still not talking to me.
Tryed to log out and come back, nothing changed.
I moved on to another planet, but now I can't return on Feylara' ship and it seems like nothing I do can make Risha update me on my class quest.

What shoul I do?

Name of smuggler Akihma
Server Ebon Hawk